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Forex-X-Code -MetaTrader-4 System

Forex System: Scanning Indicator (Ranges and Trends)

Markets/Assets: Forex Currencies / Any other MT4 Asset

Trading Signals: Mobile and Desktop Alerts / Visual on Charts

Trading Platforms: MT4

System Price: 80 USD


Forex-X-Code System Review

Forex-X-Code General Information

The Forex-X-Code system is based on a Forex indicator running on Metatrader4. The system is operating as a scanner for identifying Price Trends and Price Ranges. Based on its indications, the Forex-X-Code is able to generate trading signals.

The Forex-X-Code can trade any market conditions, and that includes:

1) Trending Markets

2) Ranging Markets

3) Flat Markets

The Forex-X-Code actually can trade any financial asset based it is available on MetaTrader4 (Forex, Stocks, Commodities, and Bonds). The Forex-X-Code package includes the main MT4 indicator, plus instructions hot to use the system and chart Illustrations to understand charts.

» Forex-X-Code

The Forex-X-Code Indicator

The Forex-X-Code is based on an indicator that continuously analyzes the current market conditions and defines if a market is trending or ranging. The indicator can be used in any time frame {from 5-Minutes to 4-Hours}.

The Forex-X-Code Visual Approach

i) When the system identifies a Trending Market → then the signals are visualized in a colored line

ii) When the system identifies a Ranging Market → then the trading range is visualized in a flat horizontal line

Price Action Trading Signals

■ Buy the market → blue line

■ Sell the market → red line

■ Sideways Market → horizontal line


Forex-X-Code Basic Features

1) Manual Trading based on MetaTrader4

2) Forex Trading Signals generator are based on Trends and Price Ranges

3) Specific instructions how to trade using the X-Code are included

4) Easy system setup and running

5) Trades any market (Trending, Ranging and Flat Markets)

6) Trades any financial asset (Included on MT4)

7) Start trading with as low as 50 USD

8) May be used on multiple timeframes (from 5-Minutes to 4-Hours)


Forex-X-Code Review Last Words

The Forex-X-Code is a visualized MT4 indicator designed to provide manual Forex Trading Signals. Using the system you may trade any financial asset in any timeframe (as long as it is provided on MetaTrader). The generated signals may be delivered via mobile or desktop alerts or of course via visualized MT4 charts. The system can be purchased for only $80 (one-time).

» Forex-X-Code


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Forex-X-Code MT4 Review