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FAP Turbo Review -Forex Robot Review

□ Forex Robot: FAP Turbo 2

□ Platform: MT4 / MT5

□ NFA Compliance: Yes

□ Robot Costs: $149 including two (2) Real Account Licenses

□ Package: Free Lifetime Updates and the Bitcoin Indicator for Free

» The FAP Turbo version 2.0

FAP Turbo Full Review

FAP Turbo is a popular Forex Robot designed by a team of specialized programmers, the same team has also designed the Forex Striker. FAP Turbo 1.0 is used today by thousands of Forex traders worldwide and it is the most sold Forex Robot ever. The FAP Turbo According to its developers has sold more than 80,000 copies. The Robot works as a pure Forex Scalper in several timeframes but performs better in the M15 timeframe. FAP Turbo is an NFA compliant Robot and that means that it can be used by US Traders as well. Each package costs $149 and it can be used in two (2) Real Accounts. This review is focusing on the latest version of the popular Expert Advisor, FAP Turbo 2.0. This new version includes several new features such is the advanced Spread Control and Bitcoin trading via a separate indicator that is provided for free.

Foreign Exchange Scalping:

FAP Turbo 2 is a fully automated Forex Robot, scalping several Forex Pairs and focusing on the Asian Session (long-term strategy explained below). The version 2.0 of the Forex Robot trades Bitcoin as well. Bitcoin is an extremely volatile asset and therefore creates excellent opportunities for arbitrage. The scalping procedure is fully customized as you can see at the end. For example, you may modify the Money Management Risk. By default, the accepted risk is at level 5 but if you want to achieve frequent trading you must set this parameter at lower levels.

These are the Forex Pairs traded by the FAP Turbo: EURUSD | GBPUSD | EURGBP | USDCAD | USDCHF | EURCHF | GBPCHF | BitCoin


Fap Turbo Trading Features

FAP Turbo 2 is an Expert Advisor designed to be used by all traders no matter their level of past experience. FAP Turbo 2.0 includes also Bitcoin Trading, as the package includes the Bitcoin Signal Indicator. This indicator provides all necessary information to start trading this new and promising market. FAP Turbo 2.0 provides also detailed tutorials via the member’s area that shows users how to get started.”

These are the main features of FAP Turbo:

1. FAP Turbo includes 2 licenses for Real Accounts and Unlimited Demo Accounts

2. Fully Automated Forex Scalper

3. Targeting profits on average 10-15 pips

4. Trading any market 24/5 and focusing on 4 Forex pairs (check below)

5. Trades BitCoin as well (Bitcoin Signals Indicator)

6. Extra Weight in Money Management and Risk Minimization via the Dynamic Stop-Loss and using the FAP HSPS (High0Spread Protection System*)

7. Focusing on the Asian Session

8. Trade as little as $50

9. Frequent trading activity (10-20 trades per week)

10. Easy / Customized Installation and User Tutorial

FAP Turbo 2.0 Short and Long-Term Strategies:

FAP Turbo 2.0 implements a combination of 2 different strategies in order to scalp Forex effectively and deal with risk in every timeframe:

(i) Short Term Forex Scalping Strategy (trades only EUR/USD in M1 Timeframe)

(ii) Advanced FAP Turbo Long-Term Trading Strategy (trades only 4 pairs, EUR/GBP, GBP/CHF, EUR/CHF and USD/CAD in M15 Timeframe)


FAP Turbo Basic Settings

These are some of the basic settings:

■ Scalper Strategy Activation (True / False)

■ Broker Stealth Mode (On / Off)

■ Money Management (UseMM)

■ Max (%) Margin Used (Lots_Risk_Reductor)

■ Max Lot size (MaxLots)

■ Time offset (GMT by default)

» FAP Turbo Web-SIte


Fap Turbo Review Pros and Cons

(√) FAP Turbo 2 Review Pros

1. Good past performer with proven results

2. Sold only for $149 (one off) and including 2 different licenses (Real Accounts)

3. Built-In Money Management Algorithm with Dynamic Stop-Loss

4. High-Trading Activity (2-3 trades per day)

5. Trades also Bitcoin

6. The FAP Turbo 2.0 trading strategy can be fully customized including risk acceptance and spread acceptance parameters

(x) FAP Turbo 2 Review Cons

1. Slow Customer Service

2. The FAP Turbo team will use your email for sending frequent promotions so it is better to provide them with a second email and not your primary email



1. What is the Minimum amount to trade?

The minimum amount to trade is $50 while the robot can be also used in a Demo Account (always recommended).

2. What is the Frequency of Trading?

FAP Turbo 2.0 executes 10-20 trades per week. Each trade targets profits of 10-15 pips.

3. Do Traders need to Obtain Technical Knowledge or Prior Experience to use the Robot?

The FAP Turbo 2.0 is a fully automated robot that can be used for all kind of traders. The robot can be installed via 1-click while there are also tutorials.

4. What is included in the FAP Turbo Package?

The Robot’s package includes the main installation files plus the Bitcoin Signal Indicator. All FAP Turbo users gain access to the VIP Member’s area. From there, traders are provided with a unique license key for using the robot.


» FAP Turbo version 2.0


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FAP Turbo 2 Review -Forex Robot