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The Metatrader Back-Testing and Optimization Course Review

A complete learning program for trading Forex using MetaTrader4 and Expert Advisors (Forex Robots). The course costs 87 USD for a lifetime membership.

Introduction to The Metatrader Back Testing and Optimization Course

The Metatrader Back Testing and Optimization Course is a learning and trading course for all those who use Forex Robots. The program aims to teach Forex Traders how to optimize their settings in MetaTrader4 and by this way to change the efficiency and the effectiveness of their automated strategy.

The Metatrader Back Testing and Optimization Course is designed to:

  • Lead to greater profits without greater risk
  • Begin with low funds
  • Lead to better returns using the current Forex robot

How does the MT4 Course work?

All Expert Advisors (Forex Robots) may be optimized using advanced techniques in the Metatrader Back Testing and Optimization Course. The goal is achieving consistent and stable returns over short periods of time. The targeted returns are about 5-10% per month, no matter if you trade a $200 or a $20,000 Forex account. It makes no difference because a low but stable and consistent percentage return is a long-term goal.

According to the course, all you have to do is to optimize your Forex Robot for small, consistent and stable returns.

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The Forex Robot School

The Forex Robot School provides 3 lessons for using Expert Advisors (Forex Robots)

Lesson No 1:

1.1 Don't trade with Default Settings unless you have tested them properly.

1.2 Dial back the risk by reducing the position size of your trades because the default position size is almost always too high.

1.3 Learn to test and to optimize your own Forex robot settings.

Lesson No 2:

2.1 If you fail to keep an eye on the market, and re-optimize for changing price conditions, you're setting yourself up for failure.

2.2 Great trades that made a lot of money some weeks ago may become bad trades if the Forex Robot is not optimized to trade any market conditions.

Lesson No 3:

3.1 Backtesting and MT4 Forex Robot optimization do work.


The Metatrader Back Testing and Optimization Course Review Conclusions

This is a complete course for traders using Forex Robots. The course is divided into 5 trading modules. Each trading module is designed to be easily understood, and some of those modules include step-by-step video tutorials.

Module 1 - Basic Metatrader Back Testing

  • Running A Basic Forex Robot Back Test
  • Understanding Metatrader Back Testing Reports

Module 2 - Back Testing With 99% Modeling Quality

  • An introduction to Tick Data Back Testing
  • How to get your hands on Free Tick Data
  • Converting your data to the MT4 format
  • How to run your own tick back data test and achieve 99% modeling accuracy.
  • Module 1 & 2 FAQ Video

Module 3 - Risk & Money Management

  • Proper optimization requires an understanding of risk and money management if you really want more profits with less risk
  • Proper Position Sizing
  • Risk of Ruin
  • Understanding Expectation Value

Module 4 - Optimizing Your Forex Robot

  • How to take your new Metatrader knowledge and use it to create your own automated trading system.
  • How to Optimize your Forex Robot - proper walk forward testing and optimization to automatically find the most profitable inputs.
  • How to avoid Over Optimization – if you over optimize, your system will almost always lose money.

Module 5 - Building A Forex Robot Portfolio

  • Introduction
  • Portfolio Forex Robot Selection

The Metatrader Back Testing and Optimization Course costs $87 for a lifetime membership.


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The Metatrader Back Testing and Optimization Course Review