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Forex Cash-Back Rebate from Dukascopy

Using this 30% rebate plan you have the opportunity to trade Forex and gain profits simply from the trading volumes generated. That is particular important for day-traders but also for any other Forex trader executing high volumes.  In addition to this Dukascopy rebate offer you may also claim a Bonus of 10%.

What is the Cash-Back Rebate all About?

Trade Forex and take advantage of a 30% cash-back rebate when trading with the top ECN broker Dukascopy. Dukascopy Group is a Swiss Bank offering real funds safety for its clients and some of the best terms to trade Forex. Spreads start from 0.2 pips and the commissions charged are minimal ($3.5 per full traded lot). Dukascopy offers reliable and fast execution via the in-house developed JForex platform and the unique SWFX market. The liquidity provided to traders via Dukascopy is really huge. 

Make Profits simply from your Trading Volumes using Dukascopy 30% Forex Rebate Plan -100% Free of any charges. The promotion is valid for the 1st month of trading.

» Dukascopy Cash-Back Rebate Plan -Join here

Trading Forex with Dukascopy Bank

Dukascopy Bank is an ECN Forex broker offering very tight spreads, state-of-the-art technology and absolute safety of trading funds. The Dukascopy Bank basic principles are based on:

(a) Equal Rights for all Forex Traders

(b) Full-Transparency on pricing

(c) State-of-the-Art Technology (Dukascopy Bank offers its clients huge liquidity -You may trade 200 million US Dollars in just a click)


Advantages of the Innovative Dukascopy SWFX Marketplace

This Dukascopy ECN - Marketplace is an advanced Forex market offering huge liquidity, here are the major features:

(1) Fast Order Execution

Dukascopy Bank using its own technology offers clients instant-trading. Forex trades usually are executed within milliseconds.

(2) Dukascopy Bank Liquidity Network

Dukascopy Bank is connected with some of the largest banks in the world: Commerzbank, Barclays, Bank Of America, Nomura, Deutsche Bank, Currenex, SEB, JP Morgan, UBS, Goldman Societe Generale, BNP Paribas, HSBC and many others.

(3) High ECN liquidity

The innovation is based on the integration of different banks liquidity allowing Dukascopy clients to execute large orders, orders that can instantly be hedged within the Liquidity network. As an example, traders may execute orders of 200 million USD in just a click.

(4) Narrow Spreads on all Forex Pairs

EURUSD spread starts at 0.20 pips.

(5) Forex Market depth

Dukascopy Bank offers all traders the opportunity to monitor full-market depth.


How to take Advantage of the 30% Forex Rebate -Free Participation & Automatic Rebates

Joining the Dukascopy Forex Rebate is simple and 100% free. In addition, there are absolutely no implications in your terms when trading with Dukascopy. The only thing that change is that you get back a Rebate of 30%. In addition to this Dukascopy rebate offer, you may also claim a Bonus of 10%.

The cash-back rebate is credited 100% automatically to your trading account from Dukascopy Bank without any communication and without any interference from outside parties. The promotion is valid for the 1st month of trading.


Joining the Rebate Plan -4 Easy-Steps

(I) Start by visiting the broker using this link (opens web-site in a new page) ► Visit Dukascopy and Register an Account here

(II) You must fill the Online Registration Form

(III) Via the Dukascopy Trading Platform, you must select Portfolio Menu and then My Account Report

(IV) Now you can Claim your Participation in the Rebate Plan

Note: The promotion is valid for the 1st month of trading.

Open an account here and join the 30% Dukascopy Cash Rebate Plan

Learn more about the 30% Dukascopy Rebate Plan at


Dukascopy Cash-Back Rebate