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Binary Options Trading Tips


Binary options offer the easiest way to trade the global financial markets. You can trade any financial asset in multiple expiries with a few clicks. These are some basic trading tips and some simple rules for binary options traders.


Basic Binary Options Trading Tips

(1) Trading Binary Options incorporates an enormous level of risk, so it is strongly recommended to open a demo account and practice hard before trading for real money.

(2) Be cautious with expiry times, 60 sec options seems a great way to make easy money, but actually, trading in short-periods increases your portfolio risk furthermore. It is better to choose a longer expiry time because that will reduce your market risk.

(3) Learn to use the ‘Early Closure’ Feature, which is very important. Market volatility is the key for deciding when you should run your profits and when you should take earlier your profits using the ‘Early Closure’ Feature.

(4) Prefer to trade popular assets. Popular assets like Gold, Oil or EURUSD enjoy good information and offer better payouts.

(5) Choose binary options brokers wisely:

-Don’t get too enthusiastic with deposit bonuses and risk-free trades. Instead, give weight upon Payout Rates and the availability of basic trading options

-In addition, choose only among regulated binary options brokers, use the ratings to find reliable binary options brokers. 

-Don’t hesitate to use the Live Chat Customer Service. Use Live Chat and get accurate answers before opening a new account.

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Trading Platforms for Binary Options

As the binary options industry expands the variety and the quality of the binary trading platforms improves. Along with the classic high-and-low binary options type, new option types are appearing enhancing the user’s trading experience.

In addition, more trading features are now available including the Option Builder, High Payout Options etc. As the binary options industry gets more and more competitive new trading platforms will evolve in the market. In this analysis we are going to review the 3 most popular binary options platforms that are used by almost all binary options brokers nowadays:

(a) Spotoption Platform

(b) TradoLogic Platform

(c) Tech Financials Platform

Unlike other forms of trading such is Forex Trading, binary options trading is very easy even for beginners. All binary options platforms presented in this analysis are 100% web-based and focus on the concept of easy trading with a few clicks.


Binary Options Platforms Variations

Several factors are differentiating one binary options platform from another, here are some important factors:

(1) Payout / Refund rates

(2) Available range of trading features

(3) Asset values pricing model

(4) Security aspects

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The Basics of Binary Options Trading and Features
A Binary Option is a relative new type of a financial instrument that was introduced in 2008. What characterize a binary option is that it has a fixed payoff if the option is-in-the money when expires, or nothing if it is out-of-the-money when it expires.
Binary options are also referred as digital options or as ‘all-or-nothing options’ or Fixed Return Options (FROs) in the US (» American Stock Exchange). A common Binary Option offers also a Refund Rate which is compensated to traders in the case of loss.
Average Payout and Refund Rates
Payout and Refund Rates of binary options are varied, based on their underlying instrument. For example, as concerns Forex Trading, EUR/USD enjoys better Payout Rates than other less popular currency pairs. The reason is that popular assets tend to attract more competition among brokers and thus returns are better for traders.
CommonPayoutRateRange: 70-90%
CommonRefundRateRange: 5-15%

Binary Options Advantages
The main advantage when trading using Binary Options is simplicity. When you trade you are just either in-the-money or out-of-the-money. There are just two possible results (0/1). If you predict that a financial asset deserves to go up, you select the Up arrow. If you predict that a trading asset will decrease, you select the down arrow. Binary options platforms nowadays are purely web-based and not desktop based, that means that you don’t have to install and to configure any software. You may trade Binary Options using any kind of computer devices (Desktop PCs, iPads or Mobile Devices). If you are a Mobile Trader and you want to optimize your trading experience, make sure that the binary broker that you have chosen support your mobile device with a special application.
1) Binary Options provide easy (many offer 1-click trading) to beginners.
2) Binary Options trade both sides of Financial Markets (Bull or Bear Markets).
3) Significant profits may be actualized just by tiny changes of the price of a Financial Instruments.
4) All popular financial instruments are offered today when trading Binary Options (Forex, Stocks, Indices, Metals, and Energy).
5) Usually, Binary Options Brokers offer high deposit bonuses up to 50%.