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Retail Sales

Importance: Great ***

Influence: Forex, Equity Markets

US Release: US retail sales are released monthly, about 15 days after the end of the month reviewed (08:30, New York time).

EU Release: Europe’s Retail Trade figure is released monthly between the 3rd day and the 6th day of each month (two months prior) by Eurostat


The US Retail Sales

The US retail sales measure the value of retail merchandise sold by consumer-selling businesses. Retail sales include food prices, transportation, accommodation and many other consumer-related goods. The US release consists of Core Retail Sales, which excludes automotive sales.

The US Retail Sales Report includes two separate reports:

(i) Consumer Durable Goods (total value of all sold manufactured goods expected to last for at least three years)

(ii) Consumer Non-Durable Goods (total value of all sold manufactured goods expected to last less than three years)

US Retail Sales


The Effect of Retail Sales in the Forex and Equity Markets

The higher the retail sales figures the better for the domestic currency and the domestic equity markets.


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What are Retail Sales?