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US Non-Farm Payrolls / Unemployment Report

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Influence: Forex, Equity Markets, Commodity Markets, Bonds Market

US Non-Farm Payrolls / Employment Report: The US NFP report is released on the 1st Friday of every month by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

European Unemployment Report: EU Unemployment Release: Monthly by Eurostat, usually during the last day of each month or the first day of the next month


The US Non-Farm Payrolls

The employment reports are released on the first Friday of every month covering the previous month. The report includes:

  1. information on unemployment
  2. job growth, and
  3. payroll data

The most important statistic is the non-farm payroll data. The US non-farm payrolls (NFP) account for about 80% of the US working force who contribute to the US GDP. In general the higher the NFP report the higher the expected consumer spending and consumer confidence and therefore the higher the expected growth. The US non-farm payrolls (NFP) include all US workers except:

(i) Farm workers

(ii) Household (private) employees

(iii) Government employees

(iv) Some workers of non-profit organizations

US vs EU Unemployment


The Effect of the NFP in the Global Financial Markets

The Employment/Unemploymnet reports are highly affecting all financial markets.


The Effect of NFP in the Forex Markets

It is a little bit complicated. In general, higher employment means higher growth which is good news but also lower interest rates which is bad news for the domestic currency.

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The Effect of NFP in the Equity Markets

Higher employment favors the equity markets as high employment leads to higher growth.


The Effect of NFP in the Commodity Markets

Higher employment means good news for the commodity markets as higher employment means increased consumer spending and increased demand for all commodities.


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What is US Non-Farm Payrolls?