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In general, an affiliate program refers to a marketing program that rewards individuals for referring clients to certain businessesIntroduction -Why Becoming a Forex Affiliate?

The Foreign Exchange market is a huge financial market with 5 trillion USD daily volumes and millions of active traders. The great advantage of trading currencies is the tiny transaction cost that is measured even less than 1.0 pip (where 1.0 pip equals 0.0001 of the price). The ability to trade heavily by paying a tiny cost explains the opportunistic behavior of most Forex traders. There are tens of millions of active Forex traders worldwide, and that number keeps growing. In such a dynamic environment, competition among Forex brokers is very intense, and that leads to generous marketing programs.

Making Money without Risk

Forex traders can make a lot of money, but based on statistics, most of them are losing. That means that in order to make money as a trader you must accept a great number of risks such as market risks, liquidity risks, etc. On the other hand, Forex affiliates can make money without risking their funds.


What are Forex Affiliate Programs?

In general, an affiliate program refers to a marketing program that rewards individuals for referring clients to certain businesses. These rewards involve three (3) major categories of financial incentives:

(i) Cost Per Action {CPA →One-time payment that requires a client registration and usually the first deposit}

(ii) Revenue Share {Paying commissions based on referred clients trading volumes, commissions measured in pips or in lots}

(iii) Hybrid Method {Combines (i) and (ii) methods}

There are additional affiliate methods on the internet, such as the PPC (pay-per-click) or the PPL (pay-per-lead), but Forex brokers do not offer these methods. Forex brokers offer CPA, Revenue Share, and Hybrid programs.


How Can a Forex Affiliate Refer a Client?

A Forex affiliate refers potential traders to online brokers. Affiliates can send clients via several channels, including affiliate links, banners, and other marketing material. This is usually an automated process. A potential trader clicks an affiliate link or a banner and then an ‘HTTP cookie’ indicates that this client came from a particular affiliate code.

Basic Requirements for Valid Referrals

These are the basic requirements, according to the Forex industry standards, for valid referrals:

(i) The client you are sending has NOT an existing account with a Forex company (only new clients matter)

(ii) The client opens an account via your affiliate code (HTTP cookie)

(iii) The client makes a first deposit (FTD or else a First Time Deposit)

(iv) The new client opens and closes some trades (this requirement exist only in CPA and Hybrid programs)

What is a Forex IB?

An IB means an Introducing Broker (IB) and refers to a professional Forex affiliate, but without the need of maintaining an office or employees. The IB programs are commission-based programs identical to Revenue-Share programs. Actually, most Forex Brokers advertise their Revenue-Share programs as IB programs.


Advantages of Becoming a Forex Affiliate

It is easy to become a Forex affiliate and Forex affiliate programs pay well. Forex affiliates can earn up to $8,000 USD from a single referred trader they have to send. This kind of money can only come through revenue-shared programs. CPA programs pay up to $800 per referred client.

These are the key advantages for Forex affiliates:

(1) Forex industry offers the greatest CPAs in the Web (up to $800 per client, and even more in some cases)

(2) Forex industry offers very good revenue shared programs for life (up to 50% of all commissions paid)

(3) Choose between tens of regulated Forex brokers (covering all trading styles and supporting multiple countries, languages, and fund methods)

(4) Forex brokers trade additional financial markets via Futures or CFD contracts (such as shares, indices, metals, energies, and soft commodities)

(5) Forex brokers offer several useful freebies (practice accounts, welcome bonus, free education, free trading signals, free VPS, etc.)

(6) You can promote Forex brokers via multiple channels and advertising methods (websites, forums, YouTube, email marketing, etc.)


Forex Affiliates and Payments

All Forex affiliate programs support bank wire. Nowadays, most affiliate programs support also internet wallets.

  • Bank Wire (always)
  • Skrill (commonly)
  • Neteller (commonly)
  • PayPal (uncommonly)
  • ATM Card (rarely)
  • Other methods (rarely)

Usually, revenue-shared affiliate programs have a minimum amount required in order to make a withdrawal. Normally, CPA programs do not impose any minimums.

  • CPA deals (no minimums)
  • Revenue-Shared ($50 - $100 minimum withdrawal)

The affiliate earnings move in the selected payment method once a month. Usually, this is happening at the beginning of each month (first 10 days). Some affiliate programs allow their affiliates to withdraw their earnings, anytime.


Tips for Forex Affiliates

These are some useful tips for Forex affiliates:

(1) Choose your Partners Wisely

Avoid unregulated Forex brokers, and avoid Forex brokers domiciled in offshore countries. Regulation is important for both traders and affiliates.

Do not promote brokers that look like a scam, because what looks like a scam is probably a scam.  Think that if a broker scams traders, it is 100% sure, that he will try to scam affiliates too.

(2) Avoid Binary Option Brokers

Binary options trading is very risky and traders lose their money fast. Furthermore, more than 60% of all binary options brokers are not regulated companies and are not safe to trade.

(3) Make Sure the Broker’s Fund Methods Suit your Needs

All Forex brokers support bank wire but not all support internet wallets. Furthermore, be aware that some brokers may impose a minimum withdrawal amount.

(4) Be Aware of any Country Exemptions

Some brokers may forbid traders from some countries. If your traffic comes exclusively from a particular country, make sure this country is accepted.

(5) Demand Transparency

Finally, yet importantly, do not trust Forex brokers that do not offer 100% transparency in their affiliate programs. A reliable affiliate program means you can see online your clicks, your referrals, and any First-Deposit Trader (FTD). If an affiliate program is not fully transparent then it is not a good program.


Where to start as a Forex Affiliate?

It is easy to start as a Forex affiliate but you need to find a few reliable affiliate programs.

Forming the Basic Criteria

-Regulated Forex brokers, existing in the market more than 5 years

-Respecting Forex traders (good technology, narrow cost)

-Paying good CPAs / Revenue Shared to their affiliates

-Transparent affiliate programs (you can monitor 24/7 your clicks, registrations, and commissions)

Forex Affiliate Programs that Meet the Above Criteria

The following Forex affiliate programs meet all the above criteria:







(Forex and CFDs)

Up to $8/lot

Bank, Skrill, Neteller


» HotForex Affiliate Program


(Forex and CFDs)

Up to $10/lot

Bank, Skrill, Neteller


» XM Affiliate Program


(Forex and CFDs)

$250-350 CPA

Bank, PayPal


»  CMTrading Affiliate Program


(Binary Options)

$300 CPA

Bank, Skrill


» 24Option Affiliate Program


(Binary Options)

50% revenue Shared

Bank, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney


»  IQ Option Affiliate Program


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